Please write any new ideas for tasks here:

  • add slide show with agro chemicals pic
  • disctuter position of logo on landing page
  • world image




Things TODO

  • add page about our ammendment / amicus
  • translate all home page texts into french
  • update actions section
  • create actions history page for 2013,2014,2015,2016
  • revise german and french examples of ecocide and finish translations
  • check all posts in html / text view and check that there is no hardcoded http://…encecocide…. link
  • LO PRIO Fancyboxgallery not working
  • LO PRIO assign title to newer newsletters
  • translate sign petition feature to french and german
  • check why mail is not sent when signing


  • ROBERT/VERO → set featured image for all posts
  • ROBERT/VERO → set language category on each blog
  • THOMAS → translate all home page texts to german (maybe IDA could help?)

Things DONE

  • THOMAS → add view all link to our network section (waiting for feedback from theme maintainers regarding HTML escaping bug)
  • VALERIE/THOMAS → Review basic texts / terms / definitions (see mail from valerie)
  • THOMAS → add sign petition feature (english only)
  • THOMAS → add team page to about us read more
  • LUCY → add all images from server (2012/11 DONE,….)
  • THOMAS → LO PRIO show language specific facebook pages in fb widget (need to find a scriptable fb widget or “reuse” one from old sites)
  • THOMAS → on mobile devices and small screens the donation widget is squeezed together with the twitter widget so make sure for less then 600px they are linebroken
  • DONE 161124 add donation widget
  • DONE replace[Do NOT EDIT IN VISUAL MODE] with underlined version in all posts it appears
    note all differences in links and media embedded in all posts (fancybox, videos, images, audio, ….)
  • DONE [youtube] shortcut not working
  • DONE add view all to latest news section
  • DONE rework social media icons on action boxes
  • DONE add subscribe to newsletter feature see newsletetr folder
  • DONE migrate donate button / donation pages
  • DONE migrate network page
  • DONE migrate ecocide examples page
  • DONE fix floating share side bar
  • DONE add newsletters to sidebar of blogs
  • DONE add newsletters as submenu to news