Vivienne Westwood Press Conference

The HMS President floating on the Thames set a wonderful stage for our press conference with fashion designer and activist Vivienne Westwood. Many journalists came to hear why Vivienne supports our struggle to End Ecocide. The stage was set with a short video clip which was produced during a flashmob by the Austrian volunteers. Nicely summarised by Amelia Womack, leading through the programme, it demonstrates that Ending Ecocide can be the solution to so many social, environmental and economic problems which are intrinsically linked. (more…)

End Ecocide Video Competition

End Ecocide in Europe is launching a brand new video competition for a short video, with a prize of €500 going to the winner and 4 prizes of €100 going to 4 runners-up. The video should encourage viewers to vote for the initiative at It should be short (absolute Read more…

Hands UP for Ending Ecocide!

21st September is International Day of Peace. As we believe that Ecocide is a crime against Peace, we want to make our Peace with the Earth on that day. If you believe that humankind can live in peace with nature, than you should definitely join us! (more…)