November 30, 2016

Our Team

iStock_000010304538XSmall-withEEE1We are a team of volunteers – with communication, management or legal backgrounds – that care for our planet. We believe that there is still hope to change our society towards the better. So we have built the End Ecocide on Earth movement by consolidating our forces. Currently we are working on two major projects: our activities during the COP21 in Paris at the end of 2015 to raise awareness on our global ecosystem vunerability, and lobbying to get at least one State to support our proposal of amending the ICC statute to include the crime of ecocide in order to guarantee the safety of our planet for current and future generations.

Valerie Cabanes

Valerie-e1443968168353I am from France. I am a lawyer in International Law, specializing in Human Rights. I joined the End Ecocide team in 2012 to promote Ecocide as a crime in Europe, then worldwide. I am a spokesperson to the media and at public events in Europe. I am helping organize the COP21 events. I am also coordinating the international legal working group that drafted 17 amendments to the International Criminal Court Statute in order to define the international crime of Ecocide.

Prisca Merz

PriscaI am originally from southwest Germany but now I am living in cosmopolitan London, where I work for Imperial College London. I am the one who initiated the European Citizens’ Initiative to End Ecocide back in 2012, which was the starting point of our global movement. Nowadays, I contribute to the working group and continue to be involved in improving the ECI as a democratic tool in Europe. My background is in Public Policy and European Studies.

Thomas Eitzenberger

et-e1412392935229I am from Austria. I am working as a freelance software consultant and I have been involved in the End Ecocide on Earth movement for a better world for ourselves and future generations nearly since the beginning. I am happily married and “father” of five children which make me believe that there is hope for a better tomorrow. My main tasks currently are around website, mailing and financial controlling.

Marie Touissant

MarieI am from France. I am a green activist and the founder of the NGO  “Notre affaire à tous.” whose goal is to force the government to respect our right to a healthy environment through the filing of legal complaints. I did my master’s thesis in Law on the crime of Ecocide, and I am now fully involved in the End Ecocide campaign helping to organise the COP21 events.

Emilie Gaillard

EmilieI am from France. I am a professor of Law, and my Phd thesis was entitled ‘Future Generations and Private Law’ . I am helping the End Ecocide movement to gain visibility in the academic world. I will coordinate the publishing of a book following our next conference during the COP21.

Koffi Dogbevi

koffiI grew up in Togo and currently live in Madison, Wisconsin, in the US. I graduated from the University of Benin Law School, the National School of Administration in Togo, and I also hold a LLM degree in Environment law and policies organized by the University of Lome in association with the Universities of Benin, Maastricht in the Netherlands, and Liege in Belgium. I am an activist in and Attac movements, as well as in the End Ecocide movement. I am co-author of the draft amendments to the ICC statute on the crime of Ecocide, which are the cornerstone of the entire EEE strategy.

Adam Cherson

adamchersonI am an american and I live in the US. I hold a joint JD and Master’s of Public Administration degree, and I am an Environmental Law and Policy Attorney. I have co-written the draft amendments to the ICC statute on the crime of Ecocide for the End Ecocide movement, and I am lobbying States in Latin and Central America to seek their support.

Samanta Novella

samantaI live in Paris. I am French and was raised in Paraguay. I am the director of the NGO NatureRights and an artistic director. I give a lot of time and energy to the End Ecocide movement, helping to organise, fund and promote our public events, as I truly believe that the recognition of the crime of ecocide will help to protect the rights of nature. I am very grateful for this initiative and proud of NatureRights for being a partner of such a movement.

Lucy Ellen Rees

lucyI live in London and I am working as an Energy consultant. My background is in business, humanitarian aid, and sustainable development. I look forward to working with organisations to help them make sure they do not commit ecocide once the Ecocide Law in is place. I also coordinate the UK team of the End Ecocide movement.

Robert Wager

RobertThe strongest motivation for me to support this citizens‘ initiative is to help make this this planet a nicer place to live for everybody now and in the future. I feel especially thankful that due to my education and experience as a biologist in the field of vegetation and aquatic ecology I could learn to understand very clearly how important the functioning of our ecosystem earth is for our very own wellbeing. Recognizing though the speed at which the functionality of different ecosystems on earth is diminishing there are ways to estimate the time we still have in order to turn around and preserve what is left. Therefore I personally strongly believe that in parallel to a general transformation of our way of life as a global society, we urgently have to define the political rules of the game that we, the people want to live by.

I am 28 years old, currently living in Muenchen where I was born as well and I coordinate actions with our different team members, local groups and supporters in southern Germany.

Georges Menahem

GeorgesI am from France and I am an activist in Attac and the End Ecocide movement, because I am very concerned with climate justice. My background has been shared between physics, mathematics, sociology and economics. Besides helping to do the EEE local campaign in France, my main task in the team is to coordinate EEE activities with the ones planned by the COP21 coalition.

Femke Wijdekop

FemkeI am from the Netherlands. I graduated with a LL.M. in International Law from the Free University (Amsterdam) . After graduating i worked at the University of Amsterdam, then at the American Book Center. In January 2013, I started working with the End Ecocide campaign and became an associate of the Institute for Environmental Security in The Hague. At the same time I joined the Facing Crossroads foundation, which is producing an interactive documentary on the Ecocide campaign. And I am one of the spokespersons of the End Ecocide movement.

Kirsten Meersschaert

Kirsten-Meersschaert-DuchensI am from the Netherlands. I am the Head of The Hague Secretariat and Europe Regional Coordinator of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC) – an international network of 2,500 civil society organizations in 150 different countries, working in partnership to deliver justice to victims of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. I am providing advice to the End Ecocide movement so they can be heard within the ICC States parties assembly.