End Ecocide on Earth

Robert Wager

spokesperson, founder and director of the CPIL Germany
biologist in applied ecology

Lucy Ellen Rees

Environmental Policy and Climate Change Officer

Mariam Carlsson Kanyama

Mariam Sweden
environmental lawyer
representative of the Rights of Nature movement

Svetlana Pekez

Svetlana Serbia
attorney in civil and employment law, Member of Bar Association of Belgrade, Serbia

Lena Hein

executive secretary CPIL Germany
backround in sustainability studies

Thomas Eitzenberger

technical admin
software consultant .

Valerie Cabanes

french spokesperson, legal advisor
lawyer in International Law and Human Rights

Samanta Novella

director of the NGO Nature Rights

Chancia Plaine

juriste in environmental law with background in global climate litigation, clerk at the International Monsanto Tribunal

Femke Wijdekop

spokesperson of the End Ecocide Netherlands
LL.M. in International Law from the Free University of Amsterdam, associate of the Institute for Environmental Security in The Hague

Emilie Gaillard

professor of Law, Phd thesis on ‘Future Generations and Private Law’

Kirsten Meersschaert

Head of The Hague Secretariat and Europe Regional Coordinator of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC)

Prof. Damien Short PhD

Senior Lecturer in Human Rights at the School of Advanced Study – University of London, co-director of the Human Rights Consortium

Koffi Dogbevi

graduate from University of Benin Law School, the National School of Administration in Togo, and LL.M. in Environment law and policies from the University of Lome

Adam Cherson

joint JD and Master’s of Public Administration degree, Environmental Law and Policy Attorney, draft amendments to the ICC statute on the crime of Ecocide for the End Ecocide movement

Annalivia Connolly


Prisca Merz

Public Policy and European Studies initiated the European Citizens’ Initiative to End Ecocide back in 2012, working group

Marie Touissant

founder of the NGO “Notre affaire à tous”
master’s thesis in Law on the crime of Ecocide

Georges Menahem

Georges France
Attac background physics, mathematics, sociology and economics.