Hello and thank you for participating in the initiative!

The short time frame left to reach one million votes requires us to use the help of those people who are already so influential that they are just a click or two away from exposing millions of people around the world to our initiative! We want those guys to hear us!

And we need your help! All you need to do is use your twitter account  and tweet away as much as possible! We will update you recently on tweets to use.  Please also share with others to tweet too!

Here we will be publishing every week who are the people we wish to tweet to in order to get their support.

PLEASE try to keep the schedule, just copy and paste the tweet. Or create a different one at the same time 🙂
Hashtags/links to use: #EndEcocide #YourVoteToEndEcocide @EndEcocideEU and endecocide.eu

VIPs for Saturday November 30 –

Naomi Klein (@NaomiAKlein), Deryl Hanna (@dhlovelife) , Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba)

16:00 GMT @NaomiAKlein what if all decision makers HAVE to stop the mass destruction they create to our planet? join our http://endecocide.eu/supporters 

17:00 GMT @NaomiAKlein the disappointing climate talks teach us we need other ways 2 reach real change.Support a new law 2 @EndEcocideEU endecocide.eu

18:00 GMT @dhlovelife we need to fight for clean air, clean water if #ecocide were a crime we would have a fighting chance www.endecocide.eu

19:00 GMT @dhlovelife You know that the Earth needs to have its rights defended, a law to do just that is on the table www.endecocide.eu

20:00 GMT @jessicaalba after your recent support for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan we hope you can go further and support www.endecocide.eu

21:00 GMT @jessicaalba toxin free products could be the norm if #ecocide was a crime. Vote to #endecocide at www.endecocide.eu



We are happy to tell you we have got Russell Brand to retweet two of us, which caused attention to our initiative. You can thank him by retweeting this – http://bit.ly/HTnthp .  

*You can also follow and retweet @EndEcocideEU @PriscaMerz@flaviabiurrun@anzyangels@Hila_Leo@eitzenbe

Thank you again,

Together we can make this a reality.

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