21st September is International Day of Peace. As we believe that Ecocide is a crime against Peace, we want to make our Peace with the Earth on that day. If you believe that humankind can live in peace with nature, than you should definitely join us!

We are inviting all Nature lovers, Earth lovers, Peace lovers, or just plain lovers 😉 to paint your palms in your favorite color (any color, you can also paint them in Photoshop), raise them up and snap a photo of yourself, upload the pic to Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else with the following description: “Help us to make #PeaceWithTheEarth on September 21 by making #ecocide a #crime. #EndEcocide in #Europe www.endecocide.eu”. Then share it with us via our Facebook page at End Ecocide in Europe and via Twitter at @EndEcocideEU.

Let’s paint our palms in all of nature’s wonderful colors to show how much we care about our Planet!
We look forward to seeing all your pictures! Don’t forget: we need an army – 1 million strong – of peace-loving citizens to end #ecocide together! 🙂

Please spread the word about our event & get that paint ready!

“I don’t fight for Peace, I Peace for Peace”

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