On July 17th, a tribune was published in Le Monde, one of the main newspapers in France. 13 French personalities express their support for the establishment of a crime of ecocide, underlining not only its importance for future generations but also demonstrating the inalienable link between the right to a healthy environment and human rights.

The signatories are: Dominique Bourg (philosopher), Valérie Cabanes (international lawyer), Philippe Desbrosses (philosopher and agro-ecologist), Jean Gadrey (economist), Susan George (Writer), Dominique Méda (philosopher and sociologist), Georges Menahem (sociologist and economist), Edgar Morin (sociologist and philosopher), René Passet (economist), Jean-Marie Pelt (biologist), Pierre Rabhi (philosopher and farmer), Jacques Testart (biologist) and Patrick Viveret (philosopher).

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