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4661559_6_3e7a_les-membres-de-l-ong-urgenda-celebrent-avec_e7d8ac69a890fd721f7d696ceb36c921 Photograph: Urgenda/Chantal Bekker

A Personal Report from Femke Wijdekop, one of the  End Ecocide on Earth experts‘ team :

Dutch citizens win climate case against the State: 24 June 2015

Together with 886 citizens, Dutch NGO Urgenda brought a climate liability case against the Dutch state. I joined this case as one of the co-plaintiffs. Our argument was that the Dutch state neglects its duty of care towards us—its current and future citizens—by not reducing CO2 emissions quickly enough to avoid catastrophic climate change. We asked the judge to order the Dutch State to reduce its CO2 emissions with 25-40 % in 2020, the percentage that science and international agreements tell us is needed if we want to stay below the 2 degrees threshold.

Today was ‘judgment day’ and I what I heard in that courtroom exceeded my hopes and expectations. In a groundbreaking verdict, the judges agreed fully with the arguments presented by us and stated that the Dutch state has a duty of care, under Dutch tort law, to reduce its C02 emission to 25% in 2020.  The court ruled that Urgenda had standing and that the State acted unlawfully towards Urgenda, representing 886 citizens, under national tort law.

Read her full report here : http://gnhre.org/2015/04/15/unique-court-action-on-climate-change-failures/

And get all details on this fantastic news on The Guardian

Listen to Femke on her TEDx Talk : https://www.endecocide.org/fr/how-law-can-save-the-earth/

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