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Plenary Conference
December 18, 2014
14:00 – 18:00
Palais des Nations, Hall XXV

Free access for subscribers (registration required as soon as possible)

arton26-e6da3What about projects around the Rights of Nature ?

A presentation of Existing and Emerging Projects incorporating Rights of Nature and a Panel offering Tools to Reflect and Decide.


Presentations will be held in english. Debates and questions will be organized in english and french. Thank you to use the form at the bottom of the page to subscribe.


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Following Countries will already be represented :

  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Hungary
  • Ecuador
  • Bolivia
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Mexico
  • Monaco
  • Romania
  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • Cape Verde
  • Cuba
  • Peru
  • Tunisia

Other countries are confirming their attendance. Come and meet them on the subject.

 Detailled Programme

Organizer : NGO Objectif Sciences International, Geneva
Animator : Thomas EGLI, President of the NGO Objectif Sciences International
Co-animators, one Government and one Epistemologist : M. Luis ESPINOSA SALAS, First Counsellor of the Permanent Representation of Ecuador to United Nations of Geneva, Mme Christa MUTH, Phd of Education, Systemician, Professor at Haute Ecole Supérieure du Canton de Vaud

 14:00 – Opening the Conference

Welcoming and Hosting

 14:30 – Introduction

14:30 – 15’
Recall of the concepts that have been covered in previous sessions of January 2013 GENEVA FORUM and January 2014 GENEVA FORUM, attended in CICG
Thomas EGLI, President of the NGO Objectif Sciences International

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 14:45 – Part 1 : A presentation of Existing and Emerging Projects around the Rights of Nature

14:45 – 10’
A quick but necessary overview of existing and emerging Petitions throughout the World which incorporate the Rights of Nature
An overview of what the current ecological situation is and why Rights of Nature is needed. What campaigns are currently being implemented and what results have been achieved to date where Rights of Nature has been successfully applied.
Doris RAGETTLI and Gil HILLEARD, Rights of Mother Earth

JPEG - 153.9 kb

14:55 – 10’
The Bolivian Rights of Mother Earth project, Cochabamba 2010
A short come back about the proposal for a Universal Declaration of The Rights of Mother Earth adopted on 22 April 2010 at the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth held at Cochabamba, in Bolivia
Michèle PERRIN-TAILLAT, member of Rights of Mother Earth and ECI Rights of Nature

JPEG - 132.3 kb

15:05 – 15’
Questions and Debates with the assembly

15:20 – 10’
Presentation of the worldwide new campaign for International Justice for the Earth ; Ecocide, the missing Crime Against Peace
Humanity is facing a crossroads. Evidence shows that Earth has reached a ‘tipping point’; scientists warn that population growth, widespread destruction of natural ecosystems, as well as climate change may be driving Earth towards an irreversible change of its biosphere, implicating consequences for which we lack adequate preparation, mitigation and adaptation options. Our current legal framework does not possess the necessary tools to stop the widespread degradation of ecosystems caused by dangerous industrial activity. New tools are needed to safeguard our all and in particular future generations’ right to a healthy environment. One such tool would be the inclusion of a crime of ecocide as international Crime against Peace within the Statute of the International Criminal Court.
Thomas EITZENBERGER, Campaign manager, End Ecocide on Earth

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15:30 – 10’
The European Citizens Initiative to European Commission for the Rights of Nature, a Campaign scheduled for 2016-2017
In the past 40 years alone we have extinguished 50% of all biodiversity – this is because our current system of environmental law legitimises it. If we are to reverse the trend, we need systemic transformation – a fundamentally new form of environmental governance. This talk will cover how environmental law currently operates and why rights of nature is such a game changer; the draft proposals for the European Citizens Initiative, local and national initiatives and timeline.
Mumta ITO, Founder, International Centre for Wholistic Law and initiator of the ECI for the Rights of Nature

PNG - 40.9 kb

15:40 – 15’
Questions and Debates with the assembly

 16:00 – Interlude

Two examples of European Ecocides with Pictures

16:00 – 10’
Survival of Human and Natural Eco systems? The water breakpoint : Ecocide of El Rio de Aguas, situated in Andalucia, Spain
David DENE, member of the ECI Rights of Nature

JPEG - 90.6 kb

16:10 – 10’
Ecocide of Rosia Montana, the largest open cast gold mine in Europe, using cyanide, situated in Transylvania, Romania
Alexandra POSTELNICU, member of the ECI Rights of Nature

JPEG - 72.9 kb

16:20 – 10’
Questions and Debates with the assembly

 16:30 – Part 2 : Tools to Reflect and Decide

16:30 – 10’
Learning, sharing and acting for the Rights of Nature
With many years of experience raising awareness to Sustainable Development and all it entails, and future being communication, Earth Focus Foundation is building a platform to encourage the love and respect of Nature for young people of all ages, Respect Rights, Share responsibilities and support laws such as Ecocide.
Nicola SPAFFORD FUREY, Vice President – Earth Focus Foundation

JPEG - 1.3 Mb

16:40 – 10’
The Human Being, will he React, or is he Reacting Now?
Dealing with emergencies of survival, issues of the inability of humans to respond, ethical emergencies, justices criteria, which generation will be responsible? Presentation of the ethical dialogue concerning the climate emergency to illustrate the fundamental issues that the Rights of Nature bring to the forefront of debate.
Prof. François DERMANGE, Professor of Ethics, University of Geneva

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16:50 – 15’
Questions and Debates with the assembly

17:05 – 10’
Rights of Nature or Duties to Nature : A legal-linguistic viewpoint
The concept of vesting rights in nature is controversial and frequently elicits rejection. However, that may be not the best response. Current realities of climate change and loss of species invite innovation and the search for new approaches. This short personal presentation explores technical implementation of nature rights from a legal-linguistic perspective. It places a view on the national, supranational and international contexts as theaters for legal action. The European Citizens’ Initiative to be presented for The Rights of Nature finds its place within this environment.
Colin Robertson, Lawyer-linguist

JPEG - 176 kb

17:15 – 10’
Economies for Life
In order to be in alignment with the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, what kind of economic system would we need to adopt?
Lisa Mead, Executive Director, Earth Law Alliance

JPEG - 264.7 kb

17:25 – 15’
Questions and Debates with the assembly

 17:30 – Round Table with the Assembly

17:30 – 20’
General Questions and Debates with the assembly

JPEG - 337.8 kb

 17:50 – Conclusion

17:50 – 10’
Important technical information for the assembly
Thomas EGLI, President of the NGO Objectif Sciences International

 18:00 – Closure of the Conference

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