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End Ecocide in Europe

"Our financial rulers and the politicians who help them are playing a giant game of Monopoly with the world's finite resources - completely abstract from reality - even though they accept the facts of Climate Change. And yet, you can't play Monopoly when everybody's dead. They imagine they'll be the last people. They don't care so long as they win."
Vivienne Westwood, English designer

Happy New Year!

Have you already received our Christmas greeting? If not, take a look now. You might learn some interesting facts along with it (Xmas greeting).

2013 has been an exciting year and a wonderful journey for us. Starting with a very small team, we embarked on this journey with the aim to mobilise one million Europeans for the law of ecocide. It has been a huge challenge to run this on a volunteers-only basis (compared to other European Citizens' Initiatives run by professional teams, with more resources and huge networks) and we might not succeed to hit the target but what counts is that we have built a network of people and organisations sharing our aims and values. And this network will continue beyond January 21st, the official deadline for the European Citizens' Initiative.

2014 thus promises to become even more exciting than 2013. So let's start it with a blast!

We still have 3 weeks left and every additional signature counts. 88,000 EU citizens have voted for the law of ecocide by now - very impressive but we can do better! If each of us gets at least one other signature, we can double the number. If each of us finds 10 friends, we can almost reach the million. And imagine if all your friends encourage others as well... Together we can make it happen!

We are creating a community of caring citizens to show our policy makers that we do care and this will give additional credibility to the movement for the next steps.

Every hand helps and every vote counts. Vote now at www.endecocide.org

Ecocide in Italy - the Apuan Alps marble open mine pits

For thousands of years the Apuan Alps, also known as the “Carrara Marble Mountains” were mined for their precious rocks, yet today the excessive rate in which the mining is conducted is becoming a serious danger. Mountains and crests are just topped off, as can be seen in this picture, the dust waste pollutes the water resources around and the air is filled with particulate matter. To sign the petition on AVVAZ click here.


  • Prisca Merz the initiative's director spoke in in the plenary of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. This Committee brings together representatives of civil society from all over Europe. The plenary included Prisca's presentation and was followed by an interesting debate – read more here.
  • Our research team needs your help! Advocating for a crime of Ecocide is a discursive process, and one that can only be enhanced by quality research and scholarly debate. read more here.
  • Join us this coming Tuesday for our New Year’s Twitter day! Click here.
  • Have you heard of a current Ecocide that we should know of? Tell Pauline (cases@endecocide.org) about it. Or check our list of current Ecocide cases here.
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