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End Ecocide in Europe

Europe to elect a new Parliament - Will it be more ECO?

In one week, the citizens of the European Union will elect a new European Parliament. We have asked candidates from many countries whether they support our initiative. By now, over 30 candidates from many countries have explicitly expressed their support for the idea of ending ecocide. So go figure and maybe choose to elect one of them! If you want to read what they had to say about our initiative, go ahead and visit our blog with weekly news at least ;)

Young people suing the United States

Young people across the United States are suing the federal government en masse for destroying their futures. They're claiming the feds' bungling of a crucial issue is a violation of their constitutional rights.

"The welfare of youth is directly affected by the failure of government to confront human-made climate change, and unless the government acts immediately to rapidly reduce carbon emissions ... youth will face irrevocable harm: the collapse of natural resource systems and a largely uninhabitable nation," the complaint reads. "The 'best' science tells us that because of our nation’s inaction we now have a very narrow window of time to act ... Any more delay risks irreversible and unacceptable consequences for Plaintiffs and generations to come."

"Unless action is undertaken without further delay, the continuing increase of atmospheric CO2 will drive Earth's climate system toward and past points of no return, with disastrous consequences for young people and future generations."

The suit says that if the federal government acts now to establish a plan to reduce atmospheric carbon to less than 350 ppm, which would limit surface warming to 1 degree celsius above pre-industrial temperatures, avoiding the worst of the impact would be possible.

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Ecocide of the Month: Mass dying of bees in Slovenia

Slovenian bee colonies are in great danger, for they are again being killed in mass quantities due to extensive use of agro-chemicals in agriculture. There was a huge colony collapse in Slovenia already in 2011 due to an insecticide called Clothianidin which belongs to the group of neonicotinoids. Neonicotinoids are insecticides that are chemically similar to nicotine, which has been used as a pesticide since the late 1700s and acts on central nervous system of an animal which results in its death.

Despite a relatively stable number of bee colonies in Slovenia a loss of almost one third of all the bees occurs every two years. In April this year when bee season is not even at its beginning, the beekeepers were already again facing huge losses of bee colonies. The veterinarian inspection service is actively investigating the situation in close collaboration with police, since there is a high suspicion that the local farmers might be using illegal pesticides to spray their crops.

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Action report from Austria

A BIIIIIIIIIG HELLO from the Austrian team. Starting with a series in the upcoming newsletters to present the people and national groups of End Ecocide, the Austrian team did some amazing flashmobs last year with up to 70 people, has run MANY info sessions in schools (informing more than 1.000 pupils) and is out for more in May and June this year!

The core team currently consists of:

  • Manuela, who is doing a marvellous job on contacting NGOs. Recently she got an offical GO from Naturefriends International, a NGO represented in 43 countries and consisting of more than 500.000 members!
  • Markus, who is our multimillion film maker and currently organizes a large action in May at the Andritz company in Weiz protesting against Belo Monte(mega dam in the Amazon)!
  • Johannes, Vienna based, who is running the German End Ecocide Facebook page furiously with the right mood on the positive side of life and plans to organize / enlarge the group in Vienna
  • Thomas, IT heart and soul of End Ecocide, who is organizing a big two days conference in October in Graz about TTIP, the Alternative Trade Mandate and of course how End Ecocide could help build a better world!
For June we are working on getting Chief Raoni to Austria, meeting maybe with someone from the executive board of the Andritz Company and running a press conference on the Belo Monte Crime against Nature and cultural Ecocide. But we also work on the streets collecting signatures at the local university on 21st of May, presenting our initiative at the Crossroads Docu Festival and running a poetry slam contribution to the Südwind Festival in Graz in June. Lots of action, lots of fun with people having their mind set and spending lots of energy to save our planet!

YOU WANT TO HELP TOO? PLEASE HELP US REACH THE MILLION and SPREAD THE WORD, ask your friends and colleagues to sign and share NOW IS THE TIME! Sign at www.endecocide.org

If you would like to actively join us and help building a better world - email Lucia at lucia@endecocide.eu

Let’s End Ecocide together!! Every hand helps!

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