A message from the European Citizen's Initiative to End Ecocide in Europe
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End Ecocide in Europe

Dear supports!

Did you know January 21st is the LAST day to vote?

Are you sure you voted?? here’s the direct link

(you can try again, the system will tell you if you did already vote)

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your voice was counted.

YOU are so powerful! You can be part of a big change where Fracking, Nuclear, Arctic Drilling, Open Pit Mining, Deforestation, Over-Fishing, Brazilian Belo-Monte, Romanian Rosia Montana, Japanese Fukushima, and sadly many more would become illegal!

Use your power now and vote.

SHARE, FOLLOW, SUPPORT this important initiative as you have more power than you think.

We are not alone! Among our supporters are Vandana Shiva, Kumi Naidoo and Vivienne Westwood, who called upon EU citizens to vote for End Ecocide in Europe at a specific press conference in London just for us!

This ECI is just a milestone on our vision to reach a sustainable future. More info on our future plans to follow soon.

Even if the 1 million target is not hit, we will anyways hand in a petition to the European Parliament. So every vote counts!

Please ensure you have signed yourself (including given your data, such as ID number and birth date in some countries) and forward this to anyone you know. Together we can make it happen!

Thank you and stay tuned!!!!

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